Forest Camping Base

The world is so hot, but I just want to find a quiet place to camp with you, listen to the wind in summer night, watch the stars all over the sky, and enjoy the life in a different way!
Have you ever thought that all this can be achieved on Jinhua mountain? Good news for you! In Liangdu, central Zhejiang Province, the first forest camping base of Jinhua mountain will be opened soon!
There are the most beautiful stars, colorful tents, romantic music This summer, let’s watch the stars, watch the moon, listen to music and dream on Jinhua mountain.It can hold 200 tents and live poetically in the scenery

Jinhua mountain is huge, with a vertical altitude drop of more than 1000 meters and forest coverage rate of more than 90%, making it a veritable Liangdu city in central Zhejiang Province.
The camp base is next to the picturesque “Little West Lake” with an altitude of about 1000 meters. The nearest place to the stars. The camping base was designed by Jinhua Municipal Design Institute with an investment of 5 million yuan in the early stage. Surrounded by vegetation and flowers, it can accommodate more than 200 tents at the same time.
The small West Lake is also called “xiyuhu” and “Xugong Lake”. Not only beautiful scenery, but also romantic legend. It is said that it is the place where the couple of Jin and Xu met with Pinus koraiensis and an Qisheng, and drank the water of the lake to get drunk. Therefore, the water of Xiaoxi lake has the reputation of “thousand days drunk spring”. In history, many scholars wrote poems.

In the summer night, surrounded by the forest, in the breeze of the lake, under the starry sky and alone with Jinhua mountain, it should be a poetic thing.
Camping in Jinhua mountain is not to give you a tent and throw you into the mountains and forests to survive. Here, safety and comfort are the right way to open.
If you are a senior donkey friend, you can come here with a tent to help yourself. If you are camping Xiaobai or a family outing, there are tents for tourists and professional guides to teach you DIY to set up tents.

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